Mount Allamuchy Scout Reservation
Camp Somers Amateur Radio Station



Welcome to the Camp Somers Amateur Radio Station located at the Mount Allamuchy Scout Reservation. This station primarily exists as a teaching tool for Counselors who assist Boy Scouts in fulfilling requirements towards the Radio Merit Badge. The Radio Station is also a classroom to assist Boy Scouts in achieving their FCC Amateur Radio Licenses. Licensing programs for the public are in the planning stages. The station is available to all licensed Boy Scouts, Leaders and Scout Masters by appointment through the Radio Station Manager, Chris Lance, Venturing Crew 511, WW2BSA.

Station Capabilities
* 2 Towers: 40' and 60'
* Tri-Band Vertical (2 meter, 220, and 440)
* 2 Meter Yagi
* 2 Meter Vertical (to be replaced by the tri-band vertical)
* HF 11-element beam
* 40 and 80 meter long wire
* Packet Radio (VHF/UHF/HF)
* NOAA Weather Reporting Station APRS/WX
* UHF Repeater

The Station operates on the World Scout Frequencies as often as possible. There is a personal fondness for 20 meters. When the camp is open during the summer (July through mid-August), the station can be heard from 13:00-14:;00 local time. Although capable, we do not currently operate CW.

World Scout Frequencies


SSB (phone)


80 meter

3.690 & 3.940 MHz

3.570 MHz

40 meter

7.090 & 7.190 MHz

7.030 MHz

20 meter

14.290 MHz

14.060 MHz

17 meter

18.140 MHz

18.080 MHz

15 meter

21.360 MHz

21.140 MHz

12 meter

24.960 MHz

24.910 MHz

10 meter

28.390 MHz

28.180 MHz

6 meter

50.160 MHz

50.160 MHz

Please note that the World Scout Frequencies changed 1 July 2007. The International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) changed its band plans to create space for more digital transmissions. Some Scout frequencies are affected by this. Traditionally, Scout Frequencies were chosen in a segment where low-power, simple stations are transmitting (QRP). This allows Scouts to operate such stations from camp sites and still be able to communicate with others. Some of these frequencies have changed over time. The amateur radio bands are increasingly busy with competitions. With the Scout frequencies chosen outside of the contest segments as far as possible, Scout stations can operate undisturbed.

2016 JOTA News

JOTA (Jamboree On The Air)  The MASR Radio Station plans to participate in the 2016 JOTA. Jamboree-on-the-Air is held the third weekend in October. This year, 21st - 23rd. The official hours are from Saturday at 00:00 hours local time (right at midnight Friday) to Sunday 24:00 (midnight Sunday evening). So you’ve got the whole weekend to make JOTA contacts. You can also try out the “JOTA Jump Start” on Friday from 18:00 to 23:59 local time to test your setup.

Operating Frequencies

We will be operating phone on, or as close as possible to the frequencies listed above, for the following bands: 20 meters during the day, 10 meters dawn and dusk, 146.520 Simplex, and DMR North America on the hour. (We're looking into 2 and 6 meter SSB too!)

The WW2BSA Radio Station will be sending QSL cards to ALL contacts we make. Short Wave Listening Stations are also invited to send reports for a QSL card. We are active on and LOTW but I like the old fashion way: There's nothing like getting a real post card in the mail!


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