Paladin Knight Pictures
"Vision. Ex animo. Ex meam."
A Division of Paladin Knight Entertainment, Ltd.



Paladin Knight Films is owned and managed by Paladin Knight Entertainment, LLC.
Our goal is to bring to life screenplays that entertain the public.

In 2001, our Production Services Department was created to support our Festival Productions.

In 2004, we expanded our services to include live video taping and audio recording of concerts for various organizations.

By 2010, the group formed the Film Division and expanded its inventory of professional cameras
and equipment in anticipation of its first full length independent film production.

2016 After filming the dark, surreal, independent full feature "Buffalo Diamonds," now post production,
Director Chris Lance turns to a lighter theme, "Missouri Loves Company," now in production.

Screenwriters and production crew are invited to contact us to be placed in our database for
staffing of our next film project.

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