PK Publishing is proud to have the following titles in our growing library of publications.

"Recession in Neverland"
by Timm Wherry, forward by Chris Lance
ISBN 978-0-9856148-4-3

"Little Boy Beat"
by John Dorsey.
ISBN 978-0-9856148-1-2

"The Paladin Knight and the Barmaid"
by Paladin Knight Comics.
ISBN 978-0-9856148-0-5

"The Paladin Knight Meets Princess Nukatabe"
by Paladin Knight Comics
ISBN 978-0-9856148-2-9

"The Paladin Knight Visits the Countess"
by Paladin Knight Comics
ISBN 978-0-9856148-3-6

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Latest News
Tim Wherry's "Recession in Neverland" (top left) is a big hit! The first printing specifically for his successful February 9th show in Greensburg, PA, curator Gabielle Walton (middle), is almost sold out! Publisher Chris Lance (right) rumors that the second printing will have bonus material!
Photo courtesy Kim Stepinsky for the Tribune-Review.
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