WW2BSA Journal

This page is a journal of my amateur radio activities. Enjoy!

* Passed the Technician Class License test.
* Purchased APRSPoint to get into packet radio.

* Upgraded 1/4 wave UHF antenna to dual band mag mount for my Yaesu FT-8900 mobile.
* WW2BSA-5 on APRSDroid and aprs.fi
* Registered for EchoLink

* Appointed as the Amateur Radio Station Manager at the Mount Allamuchy Boy Scout Reservation in New Jersey.
* Now have QSL cards.
* Registered on QRZ.com
* Bought used Radio Shack HTX-100 10 meter mobile rig for SSB/CW. Heard my first beacon on 28.208, AK2F/BCN.
* Passed the General Class License test.

* Purchased a Connect Systems Incorporated CS-700 DMR hand held radio. Hello digital radio!
* Received coordination for a 10 meter beacon on: 28.241.3 MHz
* Installed Davis Weather Station with APRS at the scout camp.
* Having LOTW problems (my fault). Thank goodness all my contacts are on QRZ.com!

* Purchased a Yaesu Fusion Repeater. Applied for coordination. Until I get the duplexer tuned, will run as a cross-band repeater 440/2 meter.

* Repeater coordinated for 448.425 Mhz. Using tone 123.0.
* Keeping packet alive on 145.010 and 145.510!
* Purchased a FT-400D Fusion mobile. Great for APRS! don't like the two seperate banks of 500 channels.




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